Materials Management (Warehouse) Department

The Material Management Department is responsible for storing, distributing and cataloguing all the medical items required by every department within the hospital. Our 41 members of staff work hard to provide a fast, efficient and reliable service. We work both internally with our own hospital departments and externally with other hospitals in the area, to provide material and equipment, medicines, medical consumables, stationary and provision items.

The department is subdivided into the following sections:

  • Medicine section
  • Medical consumables section
  • Stationary section
  • Provision section
  • Equipment section
  • Laboratory section
  • Materials control

Within our warehouse we store approximately 20,000 items, which comprise medicines, medical consumables, laboratory reagents and chemicals, radiology and CSSD, consumables, stationery and food and provision items. We have an effective categorization system to ensure efficient storage through segregation, inventory control, and distribution. Many of the items we store include dangerous and life-saving drugs, high valued items, flammable items, frozen and cold room items. We are also responsible for receiving, installing and commissioning equipment and furniture.



Nassiba Larech
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